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1905 EXCELSIOR RECORD 78rpm Talkophone Label Played On Victor Type D Phonograph

Dating victor 78 records

The over all arrangement of label information is much the same. The library staff assisted Mr. Moran, who annotated them with information obtained from actual recordings, Victor trade catalogs, and fellow collectors and other subject experts. Google reveals that she was born in London in and died in This example was issued in late

Dating victor 78 records

And so it went on as more people were involved. The term "matrix" was used to designate the numbers assigned sequentially to any "takes" of a given serial number. It was in fact the second take of this tune, but this company, as did some others for many years, used a new number for each take. All Victor recordings up to April 30, received the A prefix, regardless of the size of the record. What could be simpler? This early "Grand Prize" issue by Enrico Caruso, recorded on February 1, , was among his first American recordings. With that realization, they expanded their goal to document every Victor recording session for 78rpm discs. Do prefixes mean anything specific? The price of a record was determined by the amount of playing time for each size. So let us enliven it with a little music. The most important things about most recent records are their performer, and the title. Between and most domestic ten-inch black label Victors were assigned a five digit serial number. This was in , and they were made by this same company. Philadelphia being the first home of the Consolidated Talking Machine Company. Company files no longer exist for these monstrous long-playing discs, few of which survive today. Therefore she was an actress rather than a singer: Problems were often technical. Still, no distinction was made between matrix serial numbers and catalog issue numbers. By the way, there is no such person as Sara Lenwood. To enable more flexibility in editing and verifying the data, the data was migrated from its Oracle platform to FileMaker Pro 7. The library staff assisted Mr. The first two labels are considered "Pre-Dog" labels, as they lack the famous Nipper logo yet to be used. The third black label example shows this. The manufacturer is also listed as Eldridge R. Later in it would be reduced the three lines of patent information. Unauthorized reproduction or use will be addressed under applicable U. Not all discs tell us as much as that Odeon did.

Dating victor 78 records

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    Moran developed their classical music discography they came to recognize that there would be equal interest by scholars and collectors in the recording sessions that surrounded Victor's classical music recording sessions. There is much published about them so I will not attempt to tell the story here.

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