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Dave Chick reviews two new models of Beijing trolleybuses and Tony Belton rounds off the April edition issue number with a pair of themed colour photos, showing Huddersfield in Northgate in August , and an unusual photo showing London trolleybus and Routemaster RM sided by side at Moorgate, both on service There is news on the re-instatement of the Maxglan Loop on the Salzburg system. September In this month's edition, we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Derby trolleybus system, with a fascinating photo feature by Tony Belton, as well as a recollection of a difficult journey for Derby when first preserved. There is also a centre page colour spread of trolleybuses passing bridges in Gdynia. Another feature reports the welcome news that the controversy caused by the sudden closure of Piatra Neamt's trolleybus system has led to trolleybuses returning to the streets, albeit at peak hours only at present. All that, plus the latest news from trolleybus operators and museums around the world. Tony Belton has provided some wonderful colour views of both systems. December Can the Coimbra trolleybus system survive? We review the latest in the "Trolleybus Classics" series, which looks at the Glasgow system, and as usual there is the latest news from trolleybus operators and museums around the world, including a full list of events at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft.

Online dating in plzen

As well as these articles we review "Hold on Tight", member Martin Eady's history of the trade unions and London's public transport and the new "Swiss Tram and Trolleybus Atlas". We also pay tribute to our founder, Mike Dare, who passed away 10 years ago, with some of Tony Belton's fine photos showing trolleybuses in service which still survive at The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft thanks to Mike. Dave Lawrence goes behind the scenes at Ipswich Transport Museum, we look at a couple of reminders of the Bournemouth system and Tony Belton recalls the Rotherham system in a photo feature to mark the 50th anniversary of the closure of that system. There is also news of the successful repatriation of Bournemouth , as Keith Baynton reports on the successful mission to move this vehicle from Castleruddery in Ireland, to a new site in England. Dave Chick reports on events at Sandtoft over the Easter bank holiday weekend. February This month Andre Corteil describes the preservation of Gent 11, we review "War and Austerity" and have photos of trolleybuses on the "Routemaster Trail" as well as photos of the Malatya system which is due to open this month, and trolleybuses in the snow and in the sun, plus the latest news of trolleybus operators and museums. Tony Belton reports on the demise of the Plovdiv system in Bulgaria. There is news on the re-instatement of the Maxglan Loop on the Salzburg system. David Lawrence reports on the latest news on trolleybus preservation whilst Bruce Lake brings us up to date with the latest World News. April On our cover this month we have a striking view of modern architecture and public transport as Salzburg's latest trolleybus route extension is launched. February Tony Belton witnessed the London Transport Q1s being loaded onto ships bound for Spain in and he gives his account together with some classic photos from this time. We do not use cookies for any other reason nor are they shared anywhere. The BTS has planned out various events for and full details can be seen. This site uses cookies for internal site use only. There is also a centre page colour spread of trolleybuses passing bridges in Gdynia. There are reviews of two recently published books on Trolleybuses. Gunter Mackinger reports on the loss of the Piatra Neamt system in Romania. As usual the latest museum and preservation news is included and we have a bumper crop of World News. Tony Belton explains why 50 years of taking colour slides has come to an end A great way to help the work of the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft is to join one of the regular working parties held over various weekends in the winter months. We look at trolleybus manufacture in Belarus and review three new books as well as bringing you all the latest news from operators and museums around the world. On the subject of 50th anniversaries, we also have news of the events planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Reading trolleybus system later this year. Dave Chick reports on Sandtoft's first operational weekend of the season, held over Easter. Tony Belton has provided some wonderful colour views of both systems. Full details are in this issue. Part lll of Art Peterson's Chicago Trolleybus Primer provides another set of superb archive colour photos from the s - s. We also review a new history of Hastings' trolleybuses and bring you news of museums and operators around the world. Also on the move is Glasgow's last surviving single-deck Trolleybus, which has been moved out of store, to Glasgow Riverside Museum, May This month's edition marks the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Glasgow system and 55 years since the closure of the London system.

Online dating in plzen

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