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Visio updating directory cache

Now you need to confirm that you want to end the selected process. If you try to repair the problem, you encounter the issue described earlier. Steps for that process aren't provided here. There should be no Office document opened. The default working folder for custom stencils is always the My Shapes folder. In order to do this, open the Task Manager. Less Microsoft Office Visio default working folders are the locations or file paths on your computer where Visio looks for and saves files by default.

Visio updating directory cache

The most common process is msosync. The following are the typical installation file paths for Visio working folders: On the Advanced tab, click File Paths. You'll see an alert in your status bar that says the Microsoft Office Document Cache encountered a problem, with a link to repair. Subfolders of the locations that you add are also listed. Select it and press End Task or right-click on it and press End Task. If you want to keep your custom stencils in another folder, you can add the file path to the Stencils text box, as described below. There may be special circumstances that could affect the install process. The only solution is to delete it and have Microsoft Office create a fresh cache for its documents. The version number after Office is If this process is also running on your computer, kill it. You may experience similar issues when using other apps. Add one or more file paths here to have stencils in those locations listed on the Shapes submenu under the File menu. If the description of a running process starts with "Microsoft Office Document Cache", then you should end its functioning. Conclusion We hope that you have found this guide useful and that it has helped you solve your problems with the Microsoft Office document cache. If you have Delete files from the Office Document Cache when they are closed setting selected and you close a file before the upload has finished, you will have the option to wait for the upload to finish, save the file in another location, or close without saving any changes. Often, this step fixes the problem. In Windows 7, go to the Processes tab while in Windows 8 or 8. The last step is to delete the corrupted cache, so that Microsoft Office can create another one. You can specify multiple file paths by separating them with semicolons. Leave the other folders untouched. If you try to repair the problem, you encounter the issue described earlier. If you need to keep a file in cache longer that 15 days, the length of time a file is stored can be increased to up to 30 days by going to the Upload Center settings page. Here's an overview of the process to delete your Microsoft Office Document cache: If you add more than one file path, the first one is the default working folder. Delete all these folders that are containing OfficeFileCache in their name. If you don't know how, read these tutorials:

Visio updating directory cache

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    The only solution is to delete it and have Microsoft Office create a fresh cache for its documents. Visio always looks in this location for Visio-installed files, and Visio does not find custom files, templates, or stencils that are added to this location.

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    The version number after Office is Office typically repairs the document cache files if it detects problems.

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    Keeping files longer allows more files to be stored in the cache and improves your file-opening performance, but also uses more space on your hard drive. You must have administrator rights on the computer before you can perform a clean boot.

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